My Mission

To help seekers to cultivate and experience their deeper spirituality through the ancient principles, philosophy and practice of Yoga. 

My Vision

To create a supportive global community dedicated to using spiritual expansion to manage your life from your soul.

The answers are inside you. Together we will cultivate an interest in holistic development and personal responsibility for the issues of our times. 

My Personal Journey



My Mom Transitioned & Staying At the Ashram

I began learning yoga as a spiritual practice as a child. My mom was a highly spiritual individual and wanted the same depth of spirituality that she experienced in her life for my sister and me. Her passing in 2013 profoundly changed my worldview.

At that time I felt totally disconnected from life. As a way of working through my grief I stayed with my master at his yoga ashram. My time there crystallized the philosophy and practice of yoga for me. It showed me how the principles must be lived and experienced. 

Ved's mom cropped


A Pilgrimage To India

With the support of a family friend, I accompanied my master on a pilgrimage to North India. We visited a few of the sacred sites of Yoga: Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri, located in the Himalayas.

During this time I was able to fulfill the carrying of my mother's ashes to be released at the site in Gangotri, high up on the holy Ganges river, reconnecting her to her ancestral home. This pilgrimage allowed me to experience the deep spiritual presence and history of Yoga. Here I realized that the true spirit of yoga continues on and that I was a part of that. 

Kedarnath Himalayas


Formally Started Yoga With Ved

After returning from that pilgrimage, I felt inspired to begin sharing the spirituality of Yoga more openly. I taught for 2 years sporadically before realizing that my life purpose lies with Yoga and spiritual development. In 2017 I made the decision to commit myself totally to teaching and sharing yoga. With that Yoga with Ved was born. 

Yoga with Ved Jan 2017


Teacher's Training In India

Even though I had learnt and taught yoga for some years, I decided to continue my exploring teaching practices. In 2017 I was awarded a scholarship by the Indian High Commission to visit India for a yoga teacher training.

Visiting the SVYASA campus in Bangalore and seeing how yoga was being shaped in the modern world was very revealing. It made me recommit to the spiritual roots of yoga and I decided to launch my one year coaching to help my students develop their spiritual understanding. 

Krishna Arjuna SVYASA campus


First Year-long Coaching Group Graduates

The graduation of my first coaching program was a huge milestone. It was very fulfilling to see the tangible results of my students disciplined work. My students and I really felt that we accomplished the goals of that coaching: spiritual depth, understanding and sensitivity... all facilitated by the ancient and authentic practice of yoga science. From there I felt inspired to continue my work with spiritual coaching and continue to do so. 

first coachees


Creating a Yoga Community & Atmosphere

All this time I had been using yoga studios and rented spaces for my classes. In 2019 I decided to create my own space and community. Having a dedicated space for our spiritual work and practice proved to be a huge boost to my students. I christened the space with the Sanskrit name - "Shantidham," the house of peace. 

We began hosting community classes at a public park and public beach to share yoga pro-bono to our wider community. The year 2020 and COVID forced us to adapt and continue our work in an online space. The online community has been a great blessing to all of us and now I am seeking to invite the international online community to join us. 

Shantidham at Divali 2019



Ved Valmiki



Yoga instructor, spiritual coach, and a soul friend, I support your spiritual growth and exploration through the authentic mystical science of Yoga.  My methods are based on my personal experiences and spiritual work with my living yoga master, a lifetime of practice and study, as well as my ongoing and evolving work with my community. 

My students know me for my practical and action-oriented approach to spiritual transformation that enable them to work with their inner subtle energies and experience radical shifts.

"It is not enough to practice yoga or meditation on your mat and then go about living unconsciously. Yoga must be embodied and lived, elevating your consciousness and allowing you to experience your untapped potential. 

Spiritual living requires dedication and courage to bring lasting, meaningful transformation. But that is the destiny of every single soul. I provide you with the community, encouragement and insight to make it your personal experience."





Experience the INSIGHT

A truly spiritual mind has accepted that there is always more to discover and explore. We can't just take life at face value and expect to be fulfilled.

The yogis knew this and dedicated their lives to spiritual exploration. From their work came the ancient science of Yoga.

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It is my honour to walk with you on your path of spiritual growth. 


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