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Every spiritual tradition uses meditation as the foundation for spiritual experience. Yogic meditation is the most established and sophisticated. It has efficient and effective methods to allow us to cultivate our inner experience. 

But it can be very intimidating to get started meditating or even to learn how to go deeper for a more rewarding meditation practice. 

This meditation group is for those persons who wish to develop their meditation skills and experience the spiritual rewards that meditation has to offer. 


What an online meditation class is like...

Concepts and Principles

In every class Ved will share some principles of Yoga, meditation and spirituality. The emphasis will always be how it connects to you in a personal way and can be practiced for a more conscious life. 

These conversations are an important part of expanding and aligning your understanding, which leads to a more deliberate and purposeful meditation practice. 


Guided Meditation

Ved will guide the group through their meditation. The guidance is not a visualization or commands, but rather an invitation. It is a scaffold that allows you to explore your inner space.

The main focus of these guided meditations usually follow the process: body > breath  > energy > mind > consciousness.

Each guided meditation uses a variety of tested techniques that Ved has learned for his own teacher, and from his own work in guiding meditation over the years. 


Sacred Conversation and Reflection

After the experience of the guided meditation you are invited to journal about the experience. Ved also gives guidelines for this process to make sure it is an effective learning tool. 

Then there is dedicated time for a few persons to share their experience with the group or ask questions about their experience. This is invaluable as Ved often has piercing insights about the meditation process. In this way it becomes a practical conversation on how to continue exploring and gaining from your meditation practice. 

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Each class is usually held live online via Zoom, but is recorded for those who might miss the time. Occasionally Ved will do a prerecorded class if he cannot make the time live. 

From these recorded classes you are invited to go back and re-listen to deepen your understanding and explore. There is also a significant library of past meditation classes. 

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An invaluable zero-risk investment
in yourself

Meditation is one of the best investments you can make in your life. All material things can lose their value, relevance, and impact on you. But your own spiritual growth and peace of mind can never lose its value. It will only continue to grow and bring you gains in your life. 

Invest in you.


Learn faster and in a sacred space with the support of other serious meditators. 


Each class is guided by an experienced meditator so you know where you are going and how.


Get direct feedback on your process and listen to the experiences of others.

Live Online
& Recorded

Live classes are held weekly and recorded for review. 


Raj testimonial
Rajesh H. Engineer
This meditation group has been a remarkable journey in my understanding of my inner spiritual guide and my True nature. I now appreciate that through the group’s collective spiritual desire and discipline, the process of knowing one’s True identity becomes closer at reach.
Shivani testimonial pic
Shivani S. Spiritual Seeker
Ved provides an environment which is highly energized, welcoming and non-judgmental. Each interaction with Ved brings about an unexplainable shift which empowers and keeps you yearning to know more, live life in a conscious way and to continue to discover and explore your inner world.
Shereen testimonial med
Shereen B. Pharmacist
I have been practicing meditation with Ved for the last 3-4 years. Meditation has been a life-transforming experience. It enables me to better navigate life, especially the difficult experiences, in a way that brings personal and spiritual growth. It is the foundation which enriches every aspect of my life: personal, professional, social, spiritual.

Online Meditation Group

Meditation group subsciption includes:

  • 10-12 meditation classes a month.
  • Access to the class recordings and meditation library.
  • Guided meditation and reflections.
  • Invaluable feedback on your meditation process. 
  • Group support of dedicated meditators. 

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  • I am new to meditation - can I join this group?
    • Yes you can. The best way for new meditators to learn quickly and easily is to practice in an energized group. Especially since when starting to learn meditation it can be difficult to do so on your own. 

  • What style of meditation is this?
    • This is yogic meditation that is rooted in the Maha Yoga tradition. It is primarily focused on the cultivation of subtle energy, Kundalini awareness, and consciousness of Self. 

  • I am shy and don't want to speak in the group. Can this still work for me?
    • Absolutely. Many persons take time to warm up to the group space and become comfortable. That is perfect. In the meantime you can benefit from the guidance, group energy, recordings, and listening to the experiences of others. 

      You can also get feedback on your process individually through personal messages or email from Ved. 

  • I want to try one class before committing. Is that possible?
    • If you are interested in trying a class Ved can send you a single recording on a topic based on your interest. Meditation is a skill that requires dedication and commitment. You will only see results if you regularly practice and attend the online class. This group is for those persons who are serious about meditation and the spiritual experiences that come. 

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