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A deep spiritual longing. 

Some people will experience the spiritual desire for growth in a much more intense way. It will feel like a deep longing or ache that cannot be satisfied by any worldly experience or achievement. 

I understand that longing very well, that was my experience. 

For many years I struggled to understand that feeling. It would plague me as I tried to fall asleep, it sapped the joy of many of my other achievements and experiences. I remember the frustration I felt not knowing what was wrong and trying to figure out what I felt the way that I did... even though my life was apparently good. 

It all changed when I took conscious and deliberate steps to work on my spirituality. As I worked on my spiritual process, the longing changed to personal satisfaction and fulfillment. 

The more I stayed with my spiritual path, the more relief I felt. Until that path became a joy and I came to understand that spiritual longing as a message from deep within myself. 

For those persons who have that intense feeling, I have create the Individual Coaching option. 

It carries all the benefits of the One Year Group Coaching - the video lectures, the monthly group coaching session, and our group Whatsapp - with an addition.

Twice for the month you will meet with me for an hour online coaching call. I will personally take charge of your process and seek to guide you in an intuitive way to quickly position you on the spiritual path.

In this process I will also use an additional tool - Vedic Astrology - to help pinpoint the spiritual lessons that you soul has chosen for this lifetime. 

This option is only for those persons who genuinely feel the need for that one-on-one support. It is an intense option that requires dedication and commitment. 

At the moment, I have a few long-term students to whom I provide this service. 


Three Part Process

This year of coaching is divided into three main modules. Each module progressively takes you further into the spiritual practice. This spiritual process can only be done over a period of time. It has the biggest impact when you are given the time and space to integrate what is shared. 

Becoming a Yogi

The first four months is dedicated to understanding Yoga practice as described by the sage Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras. 

Most of modern physical Yoga is built upon understanding the Yoga Sutras, among other texts. But we will be going deeper. In these months we will explore the process that the sage has presented. You will learn how that process is universally applied through every style and form of Yoga. 

By understanding this, every activity in your life can become a yogic practice. You unlock the spiritual richness of every day living. 

Ved and sky

Awaken to Your Subtle Energy

Once you have learned the basics of the yogic process you must then learn how to apply it as an internal tool. The next four months are dedicated to learning about your subtle energy body, or astral body. It is in this time we will explore the energy side of yoga: Kundalini and chakras. 

This is very different from what is taught in most modern/western settings. You will actually be given guidelines to begin exploring and experiencing the energy for yourself. It will become more than idea... it will become your living reality. It is usually during these 4 months that most people realize deeply, that they are more than physical, that they are truly spiritual. 


Tapping into Grace

After learning about your energy body, life becomes much more interesting. Suddenly you will have a universal spiritual tool with which you can influence every area of your life. But there is more to go. 

The final four months is focused on understanding the Guru Tattva, the guiding principle in the Universe. It is the universal power of Grace. Once you begin opening up to this possibility, life is elevated into a spiritual plane of operation. 

Each one of these modules can take a lifetime to master. This coaching is simply giving you the knowledge and the tools to explore it on your own terms. And therefore the possibility to experience it in your own life. 

flames in a row

Spiritual Launchpad

I often remind my students, the work that we do together is just the beginning. I am educating you in the yogic methods, to operate in life with a yogic mind and point of view. What we are really doing together is building a spiritual launchpad. On it your personal spiritual practice can be launched. Where it will go and what you will experience is totally unique and personal. 

My goal is to equip you with the tools to live spiritually and the fortitude to stay true to your path. Living a spiritual life is not rainbows, butterflies, and incense. It is a deep commitment to discover more about yourself and to live in alignment from that deeper spiritual place within. 

I have seen over the years, that incredible transformation that comes for my students who go through this coaching. But the real rewards are revealed when the year is finished and the rocketship that is your life is launched. 

ved in the park 2020

An invaluable personal achievement.

The goal of this one-year coaching is for you to discover and connect with your spirituality. The beauty of Yoga is that it trascends religion. It is neutral ground that is not about race, creed, or factions. Yoga is about the development of your spirituality in service to life itself. 

For those who belong to a religious faith, you will find your connection and belief in your religion becoming stronger. You will begin understanding your faith in a deeper way. For those who identify with a more Universal spirituality, Yoga is the perfect tool for exploration.

Spiritual growth is not about what you can "show" to other people or to the world. Spiritual growth is about you and your experience of life. It is an inner achievement and satisfaction. That is what this coaching offers. 

Expand Your Knowledge

Dive deep into the spiritual content of Yoga.

Learn About Yourself

Unlock your self-reflection and introspection.

Spiritual Power

Understand your spiritual nature and your inner powers.

Develop Unity Consciousness

Cultivate oneness and connection with the Universe

One Year Soul-to-Soul

$11,000/yr investment in your spiritual growth. 

Each month you will access:

All of the Group Coaching content:

  • Three video lectures on yogic topics. 
  • 3-hour group coaching live to integrate the ideas. 
  • Unlimited access to the online meditation group (10+ meditations a month)
  • Access to the group coaching Whatsapp for inspiration and encouragement. 

In addition:

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions with Ved.

Which includes the additional use of Vedic Astrology for deeper insight into your soul's plan for this life. And Ved intuitive insight to support you in quickly unravelling your spiritual lessons. 

To get started schedule a call with Ved to talk about the program and where you are on your spiritual path. 

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  • Do you award a certificate for this coaching?
    • Yes, you do receive a certificate of completion. However, remember that the main goal for this coaching is for the personal growth and achievement. It is more important to focus on the learning and experiences that come from the process. 

  • Do you have a payment plan available?
    • Yes that can be arranged. But do understand that this coaching is a commitment to the group and more importantly to yourself. If finances are a concern do bring it up with Ved. In the past we arranged scholarships for those who were seriously interested in participating. 

  • When does the coaching start?
    • There is a waiting list that interested persons are added to. Admission to this coaching is ongoing.