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You are at the beginning of your spiritual journey. You can feel that big changes are coming in your life and that is what you want for yourself. 

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Intro to Spirituality of Yoga

online course.

Over the years I have had so much support on my spiritual journey. It is hard to repay all of the kindness and encouragement I have had in so many different ways. This is my way of paying it forward. 

In this course you will have access to 6 video classes:

  1. Definitions of Yoga - explore how Yoga is really defined at its core. 
  2. Classical Definitions - learn about Yoga directly from the ancient Sanskrit texts. 
  3. The Five Koshas - discover the multi-dimensional layers of being. 
  4. The Eight Limbs of Yoga - connect with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras.
  5. The Power of Kundalini - reveal the inner power that fuels spiritual growth. 
  6. The Chakras - understand the nature of the energy centers within us. 

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