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Intro to The Spirituality of Yoga

Have you always wanted to know more about Yoga? This course will introduce you to some of the major spiritual concepts in Yoga philosophy. These are the topics that I ensure all of my students are familiar with that they can get the most out of any Yoga practice they might attend. 

It is the perfect way to dip your toe into the vast ocean that is Yoga Philosophy. This is just the tip of the iceberg for spiritual subjects such as Kundalini and chakras. As well as a great introduction to Yoga Sutras - which is the foundation of most modern Yoga practice. 

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Online Meditation Group

Every activity is better with support. Meditation is no different. This online meditation group is a space for those interested in cultivating their meditation skills and tapping into their spirituality. 

My online meditation group offers great support:

  • The group energy of collective meditation allows each person to go deeper within themselves. 
  • There is the opportunity to share your experience and to receive feedback on your process.
  • An amazing community of dedicated meditators to encourage you to stick with your spiritual process. 

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One-Year Group Coaching

To develop any skill requires a commitment to work and practice that skill consistently. It is true for any subject area of life, and it is true for spirituality. This one year coaching offers the opportunity to cultivate your spirituality, guided by the principles of Yoga and alongside a group of people all seeking the same depth. 

It is a sure-fire way to commit to your spiritual process and explore what the science of Yoga really has to offer. In it I will closely guide and facilitate your exploration of yogic philosophy. Our focus together will be on the practical aspect: how you can experience what the yogis have described. 


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Conscious Spirituality & Yoga Self-Assessment

A truly spiritual mind has accepted that there is always more to discover and explore. We can't just take life at face value and expect to be fulfilled. The yogis knew this and dedicated their lives to spiritual exploration. From their work came the ancient science of Yoga.

Take the quiz today and continue to cultivate your spirituality.  

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