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Get more out of your Yoga practice by exploring the philosophy of this ancient science. Yoga is a powerful tool for holistic development and spiritual experience, but only when you understand how and why it works. 

The physical practice of Yoga has become hugely popular over the past years. But by quickly spreading it has become diluted and has lost some of its potency. Only by understanding the principles behind the practice can it really be effective. 

In this course I explore many of the spiritual principles of Yoga that will help you to expand your view of it. I hope that it will pique your curiousity to know more about this incredible practice.

Go deeper into yogic philosophy
with these six lectures. 

Understanding the Definitions of Yoga

Connect with the wisdom of the masters of Yoga

To gain a deeper understanding of Yoga it is useful to learn from the great masters of Yogic science. These masters dedicated their lives to the practice and propogation. It is worthwhile to try to understand their point of view and how they saw the practice. You will also learn the difference between what you might call the "styles" of yoga. 

You will be introduced to Paramahamsa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri Aurobindu. All were well recognized and fairly modern masters. 

We will also explore what is Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, and more. 


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Classical Definitions of Yoga

What do the ancient yogic texts say? 

Yogic philosphy is very well developed, with no lack of ancient sources for us to refer to and learn from. In this class you will be introduced to a few of the sacred texts on yoga and some definitions that they bring to light. It is eye opening to see the "truth" about the practice of yoga as it is meant to be, rather than the modern version that it has become. 

In this class you will learn about four different ancient texts on Yoga: Yoga Sutra, Yoga Vashishta, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. Each gives a unique perspective on the spiritual practice. 

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Intro to the Koshas

How is Yoga a spiritual practice? 

This class helps us to answer this question. Yoga is based on the understanding that our physical body is just the surface existence of who we are. There are further "hidden" layers to our being that go beyond physical... and therefore are spiritual. These layers can be experienced by everyone who follows yogic methods. 

This is the concept of Koshas, or "coverings." There are five different coverings or layers to our being - with the physical being the more superficial layer. Learn about all five in this class! 

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Intro to the Eight Limbs of Yoga

All yogic practice follows a systematic method.

If you know and understand that method then you can understand every kind of yogic technique and where it fits into your spiritual journey. This is based on an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras, written by the great sage Patanjali. The eight limbs of Yoga are a description of the process you take through Yoga to arrive at spiritual experience. 

The Yoga Sutras is perhaps one of the most well-known of the yogic texts. Certainly it is what modern yoga depends on the most.

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Introduction to Kundalini

Deep within every person there is a sleeping power.

It's called Kundalini Shakti, the evolutionary power. There is so much about Kundalini now on the internet and it's hard to know how much of it is authentic. This class is based on the teachings of my master and my direct experiences with Kundalini. He would often say to his students, "only someone who has experienced can really show you the way."

This is a mysterious topic that I have tried my best to bring into the modern light. And to present it in a way that is accessible to modern sensibility. But I will echo what my own teacher has said, only the experience of it will inform you. Certainly it has been that way for my own students. 



Intro to Chakras

The root of our spiritual practice is working with chakras. 

Just as with Kundalini, there is much on the internet that can be found about your chakras, or energy centers. The reality is that for most people using postures, breathing, gems, and mantras the chakras will remain inaccessible. It takes a certain skill and awakening in our yoga practice before we can begin feeling these energy centers and working with them meaningfully. 

But knowing about them is an important step. By knowing what lies deep within us we are inspired to discover and experience. 

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Personal Call with Ved

Usually I would be present these topics in person to my students and they would be able to ask questions. This way I can be sure that the knowledge is understood and will be integrated deeply. 

To ensure that this is possible even with the online course, I have added this FREE call for us to discuss the topics and any questions you may have. 

It is a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about the content and be able to discuss how to make it practical.

My concern in my own spiritual journey has always been... "how can I experience what the yogis did?" And so I hold that for all my students as well.. how can I help you to experience the depth of your spirituality. 

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Intro To Spirituality of Yoga

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  • How is this different from any other yoga course?
    • This knowledge is the culmination of work with my own teacher, my students, and my personal practice of over 25 years. While the knowledge of Yoga is universal - its delivery is unique to each teacher. It is presented based on my experiences not just as ideas.

  • Why do you keep saying the spiritual practice?
    • Yoga in the modern world has become diluted and very focused on the physical practice of postures. This is just scratching the surface. Yoga is a science that is designed for spiritual growth, not physical aggrandization. My courses and sharing is based on the spiritual practice, where the physical is just a small component among many others.