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The physical practice of Yoga
is just scratching the surface of what is possible. 
The mystical practice of Yoga allows you to
experience and explore your spirituality. 

Yoga is so much more than just the physical practice of postures. It is an ancient science of holistic human development. Through Yoga we have a way to access our hidden potential and bring it meaningfully into our daily lives. 

It is hard to describe the transformation that happens when we begin tapping into that inner spiritual power. The experience is beyond words. To call it life changing is selling it short of its profundity. 

But that is the promise that authentic Yoga holds. That if we follow the principles and philosophy, if we pratice diligently, that a deeper experience of life will be revealed. 

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The Essence of Yoga
Free 5-part Masterclass

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The Essence of Yoga
Free 5-part Masterclass

The principles of Yoga are very simple, yet its philosophy runs deep. It is the fundamental concepts that are often the hardest to grasp and practice meaningfully. Yet that is where the learning must take place. 

In this masterclass Ved presents some of the fundamental concepts of Yoga, that when understood,  will lead you into the spiritual practice. The spiritual stories and concepts that are shared in this 5-part series will transform your ideas about Yoga, spirituality and life. 

  • Class 1: The Center of Life
  • Class 2: Yoga Shastra
  • Class 3: The Power of Spirit
  • Class 4: The Fastest Way
  • Class 5: Infinite Expansion

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Conscious Growth & Evolution

Every person must work through their soul purpose to be truly satisfied with life. Your soul purpose includes every dimension of life: work, family, relationships, projects, and most importantly spiritual exploration. 

Society teaches you how to go after a career to feel fulfilled, how to connect with your family, and so many ways to pursue your personal happiness. Yet for many deep satisfaction feels elusive, even when they have achieved so many of these milestones. 

What is truly needed is a spiritual journey. Not externally but within yourself. In this regard Yoga has no equal. It is a spiritual science that is meant to guide you deep within to help you fulfill that soul longing. 

The practice of Yoga is a conscious effort for personal growth and evolution, not simply at the physical level of life, but beyond that into the spiritual. 

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Understanding Through Experience

Yoga is an experiential practice. That means that only through experience do you understand the deeper spiritual principles. It must be lived. 

But very few ever actually get to that stage of understanding why and how Yoga is spiritual. For most, Yoga is simply a practice of the body. Using physical postures and breathing to cultivate wellness. This is just the first step in the process. 

From mastery of the body and breath comes a deeper expeirence of the subtle energy that is within you. To get to that point of experiencing energy requires someone with the expertise to help you get there. It is not gained by simply practicing postures and reading books.  

There is so much more that can be experienced in Yoga, if you understand the inner workings of the spiritual principles. 

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"Spirituality First"

During my teenage years and even as a young person who just finished college I felt a very strong disconnect from society. It seemed that what society told me I should "want" and go after was so unimportant. Somewhere deep inside I could feel having a job, trying to start a family, going after a house and car... that all of these were insignificant... if I didn't really know and understand what life meant. 

It was as if everyone was following a script for their life that they had been told to follow, even though that script didn't lead them to lasting happiness and fulfilment. 

That is what fueled my desire for spiritual experience. I unconsciously adopted a "spirituality first" mindset. And it was right for me. I pursued spiritual growth first and it lead me to deep personal discoveries that I could not have had otherwise.

Authentic Yoga is the key to systematic and guaranteed spiritual development. It is what gave me a sense of purpose and clarity about my life.That is why I continue to practice and share Yoga. 


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The Essence of Yoga
Free 5-part Masterclass

A truly spiritual mind has accepted that there is always more to discover and explore. We can't just take life at face value and expect to be fulfilled. The yogis knew this and dedicated their lives to spiritual exploration. From their work came the ancient science of Yoga.

Discover the essence of Yoga today.  

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